Influenced by the aesthetic principles of contemporary architecture, Rick Burda has shot campaigns for global clients including Calvin Klein, Panasonic and Smirnoff.

A craftsman at heart, Burda leverages light, space and color to create tangible texture and graphic elements in his photographs. He composes stunning three-dimensional environments where products defy gravity and practically lift off the page.

As skilled shooting everyday consumer products as he is luxury brands, Burda has built a reputation amongst art directors as an impassioned and creative problem-solver. His clients return again and again for his unique perspective and tireless work ethic. Never happy to settle, Burda is always driven to give his images the extra little edge that makes them special.

An avid Formula 1 racing fan, Burda enjoys the challenge of capturing the excitement of the spontaneous sport – a very different discipline from his controlled studio work. A native of Ohio, Burda attended RIT and came up through the ranks assisting other photographers. He resides in Manhattan with his wife and two children.

Rick Burda Photography is a state-of-the-art studio with the latest digital capture, lighting and computer equipment. Located in Manhattan’s Garment District, the studio offers retouching services overseen by a retoucher who is also a trained photographer. The studio’s creative process maximizes efficiency, allows for greater control over shots and ultimately produces believable images that bring a clean, modern sensibility to his photographs.